Friday, June 10, 2016

EcoTec Surfaces is a recycled and bio-renewable alternative to solid surface materials. Solid surfaces are man-made materials composed of ingredients like acrylic, polyester resins, and pigments in different combinations. EcoTec Surfaces replaces traditional solid surfaces with its patented combination of bio-renewable soybean resin and recycled glass.

Tim Cox is the mastermind behind EcoTec Surfaces. He grew up a farm boy in Missouri, and his experiences on the farm helped drive his vision of a truly earth-friendly, cutting-edge urethane product that utilizes bio-renewable soybean oil. Cox, an experienced businessman and ameteur chemist, teamed up with soybean farmers, research scientists, and an established manufacturer to bring EcoTec Surfaces to market.

EcoTec Surfaces is an environmentally friendly replacement for traditional solid surface materials, but its unique appeal goes beyond the recycled and renewable content. It is lightweight and durable, resistant to scratches, heat, and dings, and easy to install.

  • EcoTec Surfaces is 20-25% lighter than acrylic and polyester solid surfaces, making it not only easier for installers to handle, but also cheaper to ship. Its lighter weight is also ideal for ships and recreational vehicles, installations where every ounce matters.
  • EcoTec Surfaces is fire-, heat-, stain-, and chemical-resistant, making it low maintenance and an excellent choice when safety is a concern -- pretty much always.
  • EcoTec Surfaces is easily fabricated and can be thermoformed to fit any installation, no matter the curve or angle required; it comes in an unlimited range of colors, patterns, and designs. No matter your aesthetic needs, you’ll find both beauty and strength in an EcoTec Surfaces installation.
  • EcoTec Surfaces is low maintenance. It requires no sealing or painting, and minor scratches and burns can easily be buffed out without needing to call in a professional for repairs.

Our goal with EcoTec Surfaces is to provide a recycled and renewable alternative to solid surfaces that is environmentally friendly, elegant, and economical. A real product that real people can use wherever they need surfacing installed, from countertops to shower walls, healthcare facilities to school buildings, hotels to cruise ships.

EcoTec Surfaces: the lighter, stronger, greener choice.